We have accounts with 2 banks in Turkey so use the one most convenient for yourself

For privacy & security reasons we have decided not to publish our personal bank details but will send them by email to any registered member who requests them.

There is a very short form below for that purpose.

Please note these are both Turkish Lira accounts - If you wish to transfer money in Sterling, Euros or USD contact me first and I will provide account numbers

How To

Contact your bank either by phone banking or log into your online banking or visit your branch

All the info you need for whichever bank you wish to transfer to will be emailed to you

You just need to do or ask for an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) the amount for a full 12 months use of our service is currently 95 Turkish Lira (about £20)

Please let us know as soon as the transfer has been made so we can thank you personally and re-register you in cases where your membership has been deleted

Send Bank Details
Registered Email

We will email you the bank account details

Or you can email us directly at:   robert[at]thetelly.club