Our recommended web browsers

Personally I am not a big fan of the Google corporation but I have to admit that Chrome or Chromium (my Linux alternative) is one of the browsers I have found to date which will by default play all the formats I want to throw at it. But there are equally good alternatives if you want to avoid Google.

Vivaldi is another great browser, especially if you don't like the idea of Google tracking you.   Get It Here

SRWare Iron is exactly Chrome but without the Google, excellent.   Get It Here

Firefox is pretty good but it just wont play my MKV format files yet. Maybe one day soon.

Opera is nice and also lighter weight but sadly a bit temperamental when it comes across something it's not sure about.

There are of course other fine web browsers available and I certainly haven't tested them all.

The ones that don't make the grade

Internet Explorer all versions

This is a pathetic excuse of a web browser and always has been. Unlike the other major browser producers Microsoft have never fully recognised the standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). They have always lagged way behind the others and consistently failed to fall into line with the result being websites just don't look or behave the same in their browsers. I couldn't even start to tell you the number of hacks web developers like me have had to pull over the years just to get our websites to actually work in Internet Explorer.

Most of my channels will not work in Internet Explorer because that browser is too old now. Plus it is a big security risk and a magnet for all kinds of nasties. Do yourselves a favour and ditch that relic if you are still using it, your experience of the whole internet would be enhanced.

Microsoft Edge

Most people are unaware that the Edge browser is still work-in-progress and does not perform 100% yet. If you insist on using this browser you will have to opt for one of the other adblockers and we cannot be sure of their effectiveness against the sneaky advertising and page redirects our sports streamers add to their channels. We have also had a report that half the sports channels just do not work in the Edge browser although I haven't tested this myself. I cannot speak for our other content except to say that our MKV films & series will not stream in Edge.

Not quite so bad

All mobile browsers

Yes even Safari on the Ipad is not a full web browser although it may be acceptable but given the choice Chrome is still better. The honest truth is that all mobile devices are little brothers to laptops and you cannot expect their web browsers to perform equally. However if you are prepared to put up with their weaker processing power and constant recharging together with those poorly designed on-screen keyboards which by design have half the keys removed then so be it. But please remember that The Telly Club was designed for proper computers.