Getting The Telly Club on Firesticks and FireTV's

The Telly Club is a website, a complex one yes but still just a website. If you want to get our website on your Firestick or FireTV you first need to install a good web browser on the device.

We recommend Chrome BUT bear in mind that ALL mobile browsers are slimmed down versions of their bigger brothers so although Chrome should work well enough an alternative such as Firefox might suit your device better, you just have to try & test.

There are various ways to install a web browser on these devices, if you search the internet you will find lots of help to do that and I am no expert with these devices so I would rather it to people who know better. From what I have read I believe you may have to install a downloader application first and probably enable installing from "other sources".

Please Note: Firesticks and FireTV's are what I call "fringe" devices, to me they fall into the same categary as Ipads, Tablets and so called "smart" TV's & phones (they are not that smart). You will always be fighting with these products to get proper and full internet content and are unlikely to succeed 100%. The Telly Club utilizes streams from various providers and in different formats & encodings, if you want to fully enjoy this website use a laptop or desktop computer and optionally connect that to your TV using a simple and cheap HDMI cable.