Problems with Nevsat Internet service in Didim Turkey

Nevsat buys his internet from TTNet and resells for profit, that's fair enough. But his IP address is "static" which means it doesn't change like others who are direct with TTNet.

Unfortunately Nevsats IP address is listed on sooo many blacklists that he is blocked from a great many websites. In fact it raised an alarm with my system when so many people applied to join from the same IP.

Now what is happening is my providers for live telly are using one or more of those blacklists. I cannot change providers for that they are rarer than rocking horse poo.

At the end of the day there is nothing I can do to rectify this, your service provider needs to actually give a damn about his customers and change his IP address, it's easy enough to do.

If & when he sorts his service out I shall remove this page. In the meantime I will still provide my members with full access to all our movies, catchup TV, live sports channels, popular recorded series, live UK radio and various other viewing entertainment. And at very short notice I have provided 5 temporary channels for BBC, ITV etc. They are not 100% and experience problems but they are better than nothing.

This is now affecting some but not all of his customers.